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Trends in Metal Roofing

In the recent 10 years, the construction industry has seen a gradual shift towards metal roofing Calgary. More and more house owners decide to install or repair their roofs opting for one or another metal-based solution. It is no wonder, since metal has an array of attractive properties that make it one of the best choices for any roof.

Why Metal Is Becoming So Popular  

Metal is known to be one of the most durable materials. While its initial costs may be somewhat higher than those of its main competitor, asphalt, they are worth it. Metal roofs are not likely to need replacement in your lifetime, so it is great value for money. More and more people are becoming aware of that, and opt for metal roofs for their building.

Another important advantage are metal’s properties as a construction material. Metal handles both heat and cold exceptionally well. With good insulation and careful consideration of all the factors, like climate and nearby constructions, metal is an ideal option in any climate. It protects the house from excessive heat in the summer, and allows the owner to save money on air-conditioning. The same goes for northern climates, where metal roofs with good insulation maintain the stability of the indoor temperatures.

Of course, many metal types have different properties, and no two metal roofs are the same. But no matter which metal you choose for your roof, it is guaranteed to pay off.

Latest Trends in Using Metal for Roofing

In the recent years, metal roofing has been influenced by certain shifts in buyers’ priorities:

  1. Both house owners and contractors are trying to look for ecological and environmentally-friendly solutions. Metal is fully recyclable, so it is a sustainable material. Also, it reflects the heat and helps maintain the indoor temperature at optimal levels, reducing harmful emissions from excessive air conditioning. Altogether, it is a perfectly ecological solution.
  2. Many owners go for solar panels, not only for ecological reasons, but also to save money on energy. Metal roofs allow to install solar panels on them without much damage to the roof. This way, a solar panel will have a stable base and is guaranteed to serve longer.
  3. High-tech roofs are a fashionable design solution. Metal roofs look more modern, and many forms of copper and steel are now in vogue among the architects. The latest trends dictate that metal roofs will make your house stand out.

While metal is here to stay, there are many different varieties of metals. They vary in prices, durability and maintenance costs. Make sure you use the services of designers and architects to help you choose the best options for your home.